ABECEDEFARIAN (n.) one who worships the alphabet.

ABSENTHE (n.) non-alcoholic absinthe.

ABSTREUSEL (n.) a delicious and delightsome delicacy; comes in three flavors, no one knows what they are.

ACCEPITTANCE (n.) slow admittance of just-barely-enough; acquiescence on the part of the giver and the receiver to release what either needs, begrudgingly. See also: CAPILLITULATION

ACCRETIN (n.) any individual whose personal bent is to become ever more dull and surly and less-than-desirous to be around.

ACRIMONEY (n.) funds gotten and gained through grudgery and less-than-winsome means.

ADMINISTRONE (n.) soup made from white collars and middle management in a rich sweat sauce. See also: BOUILLABOSS

ADVERCEREAL (n.) brand of ONEIRIOS that enables the eater to remember their nightmares. See also:

AELEVENATE (v.) the opposite of "attenuate"; to steadily increase, even to eleven, of a quality, quantity, state, etc. See also: ELEAVENATE

AGGROVATE (v.) to induce and further plant growth through means not necessarily winsome.

ALBADROSS (n.) last bit of the old life clinging to the one living; any little piece that both prevents promotion and also attracts trouble.

ALLIGATRESS (n.) female alligator.

ALLITERATION SHOP (n.) a store or shop where sound and syntax are sawn asunder then sewn together under aurally pleasing auspices.

ALLITEROOT (n.) the most minute part of a sentence meant to sound the same throughout its run on-ness. See also: SESQUIPEDAL

AMBIVALVENT (adj.) pertaining to a state of neutrality and/or indecision as to whether or not one desires to "clam up".

AMBIVOUAC (n.) temporary housing in which the tenant knows they are only staying for a short time and in spite of this, still feels unsure. 

AMORATORIUM (n.) a place (physical or non) where love goes to die.

AMPERSANDWICH (n.) the second sandwich in a meal consisting of three; can also apply to the third.

ANDALLUSIA (n.) birthplace of the double entendre; chief exporter of homophones and metaphor.

ANDROMEDARY (n. astron.) a constellation, visible in the Southern Hemisphere, that resembles a chained-up, two-humped camel.

ANEMATODE (n.) parasitic worm in a starving state.

ANIMALTHUSIAN (adj.) economic theory that puts forth a system of supply and demand, that is just enough. Applies to animals only. See also: ECULLOGY

ANODINER (n.) restaurant or eatery where each dish is meant to relieve pain whether emotional or physical. See also: PSYCHEDELI

ANONYMOUSE (n.) a small member of the mouse family. So small that no one cared to taxonomize it.

ANTIDEPRECEDENT (n.) identification of a forerunning undesirable act; also refers to the process of its unraveling from the schema.

ANTIHISTORIMINE (n.) a pill that when taken, reduces the cumulative effect (or at least its understanding) of the past.

ANTIQUARIUM (n.) glass enclosure in which are displayed outmoded and extinct sea life. See also: PARAMESEUM

APOCALAPSE (n.) temporary cessation of Armaggedon-like activity; however normal it may return to seeming, please remain mindful that “the end is nigh”. See also: APOCALYPSIS

APOCALYPSIS (n.) an indeterminate period of suffering and finality. Certainly unpleasant but not without end. See also: APOCALAPSE

APOPHOENIX (n.) the figurative resurrection and also literal understanding of any gestalt pattern seen by an individual and that made little-to-no sense to anyone else before it died.

APPELLATION MOUNTAINS (n.) mountain range that runs down the Eastern half of the United States; climbers receive, upon reaching the top, another name than that with which they came.

APPARENTHESIS (n.) one-word paradox; a syntactic device used to subtly express a main point by means of hiding the (idea) in plain sight.

APPROVOLONE (n.) the cheese that wants to be eaten; can refer to any non-dairy, lactose-free cheese-food.

ARABARBEQUESQUE (n.) the roasting, usu. with intent to eat, of any floral pattern or arrangement. See also: ROCOCOA

ARBITRARELY (adj.) given to doing the most random, unexpected thing at extremely long, unplanned intervals.

ARRUGALACH (n.) a puff pastry filled with salad, usu. arugula or spinach.

ARVERT (n.) invisible shade of green at least eight times the hue and saturation of any type of green found in this spectrum; seen in the middle, above the naturally occurring spectrum. See also, VERBILLION

ASCHNOZMIA (n.) the lack of sense of smell due to lack of olfactory apparatus.

ATTENSION (adj.) a state of restlessness and hyper-awareness usu. caused by circumstances we never expected.

ATTORNITY (n.e) never-ending advocate; one who argues and fights on behalf of another, not so much to the death, but for however long it takes.

AUSPISM (n.) a broadly defined condition; auspicious admixture of autism and Asperger's; seen as beneficial around thirty or so.

AUSSOME (adj.) of or pertaining to Australian culture, people, etc.; the default state of such.

AUTURKEY (n.) Benjamin Franklin's proposed economic system for the fledgling United States; rejected in favor of the bald eagle.

AVOIDENING (v.) making a situation worse by ignoring it.

AVOIDOCADO (n.) a fruit that needs no tending or care or, really, anything, to grow like the proverbial weed but when ripe tastes a tad on the bland side and is exceptionally salubrious.

AWKWAWARD (n.) distinction-bordering-on-honor given to and befitting anyone who makes their way through social ineptness in spite of it.

AXOLITL (n.) infinitesimal salamander that grows in the shadow of its more well-known yet equally underdeveloped counterpart.

BALAKLAVA (n.) edible protective headgear made from layers of pastry dough; traditionally cemented with butter or ghee.

BANANO (n.) the smallest breed of the banana family; grows in sub-tropical climes. Usu. harvested with flatware.

BA-NON-A (n.) the anti-fruit; traditionally eaten with the peel on.

BEARDVOCATE (n.) any individual, male, female or otherwise who supports the continual and expansive presence of facial hair.

BELIEVEDERE (adj.) pertaining to a mode of thinking that continually vaults over convention and stagnation and height-limited perception.

BEWILDERBERG (n.) any member of a secret and arcane order for whom obfuscation and casuistry are the order of the day. See also: HOMOGEMONY

BICUSSPID (adj.) of or pertaining to the "profanity teeth", the four (two top, two bottom) that precede the wisdom teeth.

BILLIABOARD (n.) a vertically positioned pool table also used for advertisement(s).

BINOCTURNULARS (n. obsolete) proposed original name for "night vision goggles”, rejected in favor of such.

BIOGRAPHAIRY (n.) also BIOGRAFAIRY a life-story "fly on the wall"; waits around for titillating, if scintillating bits and deets to publish.

BITTERITTLE (adj.) the state between the final act of resistance and acquiescence. Comp. SESSILLY

BLAHG (n.) an online website featuring a smattering and scattering of disparate topics through which a hazy and unformed persona shines through.

BLOBVIATE (v.) to overstate oneself in such a way as to ensure none of the vehemence and vitriol in one's tone comes across as such.

BLUISS (n.) state of heightened happiness tinged with regret; numerous natural examples abound; one word paradox.

BOOMERINGUE (n.) the usu. discarded top of a pie that, when thrown, always come back to the pastry chef. See also: AUSSOME

BOULEVERDE (n.) lit. greenway; former thoroughfare that has been overtaken by foliage.

BRONTESAURUS (n.) Cretaceous era sauropod known for prodigious literary output; has two sisters, one was grey. See also: COMPSAGANATHUS, VELAUSTENRAPTOR

BRUNTSCH (n.) a rarely-eaten, by virtue of its heaviness, late Sunday morning meal that stays with you all week. See also: PANCAKECREAS

CACAOPHONY (n.) an abundance of chocolate types in which sensory overload is induced and literal noise is all that ensues.

CALIBERATE (v.) to sound out in a thorough manner by means of verbal belittlement or abuse. See also: DIAGNAUSEATE

CALMRADERIE (n) an emotion, present during a true BROTATION, in which the latter friend gives up the central friend-of-the-three to the next.

CALUMNI (n.) an individual who has completed a course of study in tearing down, slandering and otherwise defaming others.

CANDIDANADIAN (n.) citizen of "The Great White North" who is more than happy to share with you his tale, his history, whatever you need.

CAPACITATER (n.) a halved spud used for safely changing out broken lightbulbs.

CAROBORATE (v.)  to closely resemble, if mirror, the flavor, texture and all around physical space, of chocolate.

CATAKISMET (n.) fated flood story; any of various foreordained disasters about which there is little to no attention paid prior.

CENSORIUM (n.) a place or forum where one goes in order to have their every motive and action scrutinized by those less-than-apt to approve.

CESESSION (n.) the end of a meeting or assembly.

CHARACTHEURISTIC (n.) any small piece of identity obtained slowly in a progressive manner. 

CHARCOALATE (n.) petrified chocolate.

CHARTRUCE (n.) bright green flag flown prior to the Vexillology Council's unanimous declaration of white as color of surrender. See also: ARVERT

CHOCOLLATE (v.) to gather any cocoa or chocolate from nearby repositories and sources into a localized and cohesive collective.

CHRONOSPACIAL (adj.) a broadly defined term, one that refers to that instance/interstice where time and space, not “collide”, but coincide.

CHRONTACT (n.) the exact fixed location in spacetime where/when connection is made and established. Usu. people but also applies to objects.

CHUMISTRY (n.) the invisible bond between friends brought on by any number of reactions and/or opposite reactions. 

COLLECTGIVE (n.) a communal system of individuals where material constituents are acquired with the intent of donation.

COMMODDITY (n.) any publicly-tradeable resource that doesn't sit well with anyone involved.

COMPREHENCE (n.) foreknowledge and also deep understanding of said information, retroactively so.

COMPSAGANATHUS (n.) small dinosaur of the Late Jurassic known for extended epic poetry narrations; size of its story was belied by size of its body. See also: BRONTESAURUS, VELAUSTENRAPTOR

CONCATENATIUS (n.) ancient philosopher known for radical, if irrational, connections both platonic and syntactic.

CONCHISE (n.) short, traditionally sweet pastry covered in a thin but hard outer shell found in fossil form after the fact. See also: PHYLLOBITE, TASTRY

CONDESCENDOFF (n.) a bidding goodbye from an elitist position and not one of genuine salutary emotion.

CONFIDENSE (n.) the illusion of stability, mental acuity, swiftness, etc. in interpersonal comportment that is in fact not there.

CONGRADUALATIONS (n.) celebratory expressions that grow and appreciate over time.

CONKLUGION (n.) the end of an argument or thought process that is/was intended to solve that which was leading up to it but however manages to do so in an unwieldy way.

CONNECTARINE (n.) the stone fruit that always leads to the next one, and, quite possibly, the next one. See also: NEXTARINE

CONTIGNUITY (n.) two or more gnus in close proximity to one another; herd.

CORROSALVE (n.) an initially uncomfortable unguent made from equal parts beneficial and deleterious substance.

COSTROPHOBIC (adj.) averse to a pricing structure, not so much due to lack of finances as doubt of actual worth.

COSTUMACY (n.) obstinate refusal to dress up for anything. 

CREPUSTULE (n.) the bubble or blister out of which dusk grows and nightly reveals itself.

CURFEWER (n.) time limit imposed by an authority figure 

that is more imposing and limiting than was originally expected by those under which it applies. 

CYCLOPALYPSE (n.) the mythic (?) end of myopia. See also: COLLIDOSCOPE

DE-BOTCH-ERY (n.) the act of gratification, satisfaction, excitement, etc. through means other than spiritual or moral probity--incorrectly.

DEFIBRÛLÉE (n.) dessert made from custard or cream that stills the heart and renders the eater revived and refreshed.

DEFUNESTRATION (v.) the act of throwing whatever was bringing levity, excitement, joy, etc., out the window.

DEIGNET (n.) any doughnut taken and eaten with weak desire as the impetus for both actions and with guilt following. See also: FEIGNET

DEJEUNNAISE (n. French) light spread made from eggs, lemon and cream and slathered liberally on breakfast or lunch but not dinner.

DEJURASSIC (n.) era during whose time laws and their attendant amendments had their formation from de facto bases.

DELUGIONAL (adj.) persisting in the belief that at any time in the history of the world, more than two-thirds would have been covered in water, presumably from a supernal or numinous source. See also: CATAKISMET

DELUSCIOUS (v.) to extract by personal experience any odd or unconventional perspective brought on by one too many.

DENIGREAT (v.) one word paradox; to verbally tear someone down through servile flattery and doublespeak. See also: RADICIULE

DENTOLL (n.) the cost of doing business in the tooth fairy industry; price per baby tooth. See also: EXPENDENTURES

DE RIGUEURGITATE (v.) to throw on whatever looks good based only on what someone, anyone, else has chosen to "wear out". Main cause of HYEPRETENSION.

DERIVEL (n.) used material in written creative endeavors that carries no strength-density nor weight to inspire one to continue reading.

DESSIKITE (n.) a kite especially designed for flight in stormy weather as it stays dry no matter what's thrown at it.

DESWITHOUTUDE (n.) a state of perpetual usability and usefulness, i.e. cannot be outmoded; extremely rare, few natural examples.

DETROITUS (n.) leftovers from the "Motor City Cleanup Project"; any piece of an erstwhile city as separate from the rest.

DIABATES (n. physics) a rare condition in which no sugar is allowed in or out of any membrane regardless of dimensional number or position.

DIAGNAUSEATE (v.) the act of inducing nausea through one too many pointed questions. See also: CALIBERATE

DIDACTYL (n.) forerunner to any flying dinosaur; taught each one the ropes as they started out and single-wingedly handed down the art of prehistoric flying. See also: PTEROTACTILE

DILAPIDARY (adj.) referring to jewelry creation or manufacture that is designed to fall apart or to look like it will.

DISDAINGEROUS (adj.) referring to a cavalier attitude towards a warning or caution.

DIVESTIBULE (n.) a short room or hall where coats and hats are left for the duration and never retrieved. See also: HABERDASHED

DIWRECKTIVE (n.) overarching command under which the recipient maintains single-minded focus tending toward destruction; not necessarily bad.

DOMESTICAT (n.) feline bred for indoors; won't attempt to be let out or even hint at the possibility it wants to be. See also: PITY CAT

EATYMOLOGY (n.) the study of food naming. See also: NOMNOMNOMENCLATURE

ECHIDNEY (n.) a member of the monotreme family whose purpose is to find and cohabitate with the other in order to filter the toxins from the environment; one pair per clime.


EFFUSIEVE (n.) any vessel, bag, etc. that has no bottom and is designed for carrying or transporting items, objects or the like.

ELABORYNTH (n.) a confusing and sprawling maze structure with no discernible entrance or exit.

ELECCENTRICITY (adj.) a state of heightened peculiarity and agitation resulting from electric shock both figurative and literal.

ELECTROLOCUTION (n.) style of talking char. by excessively electric exclamation; often leaves the listener shocked and unable to pull away.

ELEPHANTOM (n.) large and oppressive apparition that appears in rooms of two or more people and is seen by all but one.

ELFANT (n.) minuscule mammal of gray skin with long prehensile probosci appendage whose ears are disproportionately large. See also: PICODERM

ELSO (adv.) an other, but that modifies from a wholly different set of options.

EMBARRISTA (n.) a purveyor of hot beverages who isn't quite sold out on either said drinks nor what they're doing in the establishment.

EMBLEMISH (n., v.) what is considered by the bearer to be an outward show of distinction, pride, etc. but that is actually the opposite.

EMBOSSY (adj.) a state of increased micro-managing in which the possessor of said quality not only looks to order around any inferiors but also to leave an actual and permanent mark or trace on the individual.

ENCOATED (adj.) having information wrapped around as opposed to ingrained.

ENCOURRIGIBLE (adj.) inspiring and uplifting and grating and irritating in equal measure.

ENDOLPHIN (n.) chemical released upon envisioning any of the order Cetacea; causes wide grins and increased mental activity.

ENUNSATIABLE (adj.) of words and names, the inability to pronounce in a way comprehendible to the hearer.

EPHEMERALD (n.) fleeting flash of green light.

ETERINITY (n.) the ever-expanding and infinitely expanding sequence of the number three.

ETURNAL (adj.) referring to the moment between waking and sleeping and also to creatures living between the nocturnal and diurnal sleep states.

EUFLORIA (n.) barring any allergic tendencies, the joy to be had at the blossoming of the Spring season.

EUROPICUREAN (adj.) of or pertaining to the various "pleasure principles" of Greater Europe.

EVANESCENE (n.) fleeting, eidolon feel about an area; usu. but not always applies to that which is noticed by the greatest number of people.

EVIDENTAL (adj.) referring to the state of the teeth as readily apparent regardless of whether or not one is smiling, agape, etc.

EXCELLENT (adj.) past participle of EXCELLOAN; that which is given in earnest for a stagnant or otherwise dormant quality or quantity in hopes of speeding up the appreciation process.

EXCORIOLIS EFFECT (n.) an unwinding of unfortunate or unpleasant circumstances brought caused by reversing the rotation of the earth.

EXEMPLEURISY (n.) condition in which the desire for perfection inflames the systems used for discipline and readiness and as such causes undesirable discharge.

EXEUM (n.) place where rags, bones, and other recrement are proudly displayed. Syn. OSSUWHERE

EXISTENCH (n.) aroma or odor given off by one who is overly concerned with their own being.

EXPENDENTURES (n.) fees and funds for false teeth. See also: DENTOLL

EXPIRIMENT (n.) a test of sorts intended to end a season or lay to rest a quarrel or question that had been up till then alive for no reason.

EXTRAORDIGNARLY (adj.) descriptor a shade better than the oft-used “extraordinarily”: popular with Left Coast portmanteau connoisseurs.

EXTRAPEDITION (n.) the act of leaving for or returning to one's homeland as soon as possible.

FACTISH (n.) cannot be corroborated and usu. isn't; statement issued or spoken about which no research is given and that is soon forgotten. Root of "Factitious".

FALAWFUL (n.) Middle-Eastern foodstuff consisting of ingredients unknown to preparer and consumer alike. Rarely, if ever, a "good surprise".

FASCINASCENT (adj.) referring to the enthralling, yet inchoate state of anything; that which intrigues as it begins and is not hidden. See also: NOVA SKOSH

FASTENATE (v.) to affix, or cause one to affix, one's attention upon; usu. permanent.

FASTUDIOUS (adj.) given to a wholly wiredrawn approach to learning and studying and memorization; a means of such that is largely bereft of enjoyment.

FECKLESSCLAMATION POINT (n.) a mark of non-plussedness; character in typography that indicates a lack of enthusiasm or verve.

FEIGNET (n.) the last doughnut that everyone wants but that no one moves to take. See also: DEIGNET

FELION (n.) a nocturnal scavenger and mid-sized member of the cat family, white with black stripes.

FIBONATURAL (adj.) an effortless scaling based on both what is double the preceding and also technically single or whole.

FICTIONARY (n.) collection of words and phrases culled from unlikely corners of conversation and mental real estate.

FIRST RESPAWNDER (n.) the first casualty of a MMORPG and as such the first expected to avenge their "death". See also: FIRST RESPWNDER

FLIMSICAL (adj.) pertaining to an imagined situation, the suspension of disbelief required for such is too much to ask. Usage note: FLIMSICALITY has no bearing on fantasticality. They might seem the same but are worlds apart.

FLOUTIST (n.) one who flouts; holds annual conventions that no one ever attends.

FORMALITYHYDE (n.) action that doesn't have an equal but opposite reaction among the living; something lifeless that in turn begets lifelessness.

FORTUITION (n.) a sudden windfall in coin, paper, or any other form of capital that symbolically allows one to engage in activity.

FRIENDICANT (n.) one who lives on the kindness of others; disdains (but not disrespectfully) physical objects—food, water, shelter, etc.—in favor of pure expressions of love and compassion; literally lives on the kindness of others.

FULMIGATE (v.) to expulse any pests or unwanted and intrusive entities/animals by vocal force and nothing else. See also: VERMINIMIZE

FUTRUE (n.) the course of events as will actually happen and unfold/enfold in real time.

Can be confused: future

GELATONIN (n.) thickening and also soporific substance surreptitiously added.

GREGORIAN CHANCE (n.) the willful separation both mentally and physically from a calendric cycle regardless of era or epoch.

GROSSERIES (n.) a bag or receptacle with which you exit a supermarket and in which is an assortment of things you'd never choose on a full stomach.

HABERDASHED (n.) a miserable feeling due to the loss of a hat or other piece of headgear. See also: DIVESTIBULE

HAIRITAGE (n.) the genetic tendency that affects both pattern and also style of any child's hair as it grows older.

HALCYONACINTH (n.) rare, fragrant flower that blooms during times of refreshing and prosperity; platinum and pearl-colored, among other variations.

HAMARTIAN (n.) being whose existence inevitably runs up against some fatal flaw that dooms him and renders his life off-world, hopeless.

HAPPENSTANT (n.) singular moment or even in any instance of happenstance, the aggregate of which makes up the whole.

HARBINGE (v.) to gorge oneself on augury that may or may not portend accurately. See also: PURGERY

HARSHMALLOW (n.) a confection made with sugar but that tastes bitter and not sweet; one-word paradox.

HEARTICULTURE (n.) the science of planting and tending a garden of emotions and feelings and otherwise abstract, yet wholly essential, fruit.

HEBDOMAID (n.) the cleaning lady that comes once a week.

HERDLE (n. Sociol.) a subjective boundary line, or maker, over which an individual must vault in order to achieve individuality.

HINTIMATION (n.) a subtle and fleeting impression not normally regarded but whose mark is felt long after its recession.

HOMOGEMONY (n.) a ruling class, the members of which have grown indistinguishable from one another. See also: BEWILDERBERG

HONOPHONE (n.) printed and bound volume, differing in content from another yet sharing the same title; from the Japanese for “book”.

HYPOCORISKIT (n.) a term of endearment or nickname you don't quite know will be received upon saying but that you go ahead with anyway.

HYPOTHECARY (n.) ancient practitioner/purveyor of placebos or otherwise semi-unreliable unguents. See also: HYPOCRITICAL OATH

HYEPRETENSION (n. Physiol.) a state of paralysis following a commitment to do/be only what one deems acceptable. See also: DE RIGUEURGITATE

HYSTERIONICS (n.) in Drama, the overly dramatic; that which has strayed over into the perfect cringeworthy performance.

ICONOCLASS (n.) a course of study designed to disabuse one of anything untrue as represented by symbol.

ICONOCLYSM (n.) the widescale erasure and subsequent reset of any and all icons, symbols, signs, etc. Occasionally extends to words as well.

IGNORTH (n. obsolete) as opposed to "true north", the direction that, up until the early eighteenth century (1817), was seen as dismissible.

INCENSITIVE (adj.) prone to angry oubursts and apathetic tirades; don't talk down to them because they're hard to talk down. Synonym: IRATIONAL

INCOGNEATO (adj.) of or pertaining to a guise or mask, not intended to hide so much as intrigue and enhance.

INCULCULATE (v.) to plan beforehand the means necessary, and also the implementation required to change the thinking of an individual or body.

INDAMNESTY (n.) in legal issues, the canceling out of attempted indemnification by means of wide-scale amnesty; illogical; one word paradox.

INDETERMINATOR (n.) the action or instance that results in the canceling out of distant horizons caused by boredom and/or ennui.

INDICISION (v.) the act of removing the index from a book, regrettably so.

INDOSNEESIA (n.) land of forceful, spontaneous sinus irritant expulsion; chief exporter of personal blessing.

INDUST (n.) the ingredients and ground from which a post-agrarian society springs and settles; root of all industry.

INFERPRET (v.) the act of ascribing a meaning from one's personal point of view where little to no indicators exist; may or not be true. Noun: INFERPRETATION

INFERMATION (n.) the content given rise from the act of inferpreting. See also: INFERPRET


INGREEDIENT (n.) a small part of a whole that isn't entirely integral or necessary but that the assembler wants anyway. See also: INGREDEGREEDIENT

IMPRISMENT (n.) an affliction char. by excessive color-sight, as opposed to color blindness; the individual imprismed only sees color.

INNOCULOUS (adj.) one word paradox referring to an ultimately-ineffective inculcation.

INPORRIDGIBLE (adj.) referring to orthographic thixotropy; inability to neologise a rhymable word due to poorly structured etymology.

INSANEUATION (v.) the act of ascribing insanity, whether real or imagined, in interaction.

INSPIRATIO (n.) the level to which one receives or accepts validation leveraged against any force(s) intent on keeping the individual under. 

INSTEADFAST (adj.) resolve to do that which is opposite or at least different from established norms.

INSUFFISURE (n.) a tear too small to see anything through. See also: SOLIPSPACE

INTEGRALLACTIC (adj.) of or pertaining to any piece of constituent data that refers to the space/time continuum seen as a whole.

INTERLOCAUTION (n.) a warning as to whether or not one decides to interject an opinion or statement in an existing or ongoing conversation or argument.

INTERPERCALATE (v.) to add a day into the week, calendar, etc. whose sole purpose is to imbibe coffee. See also: THIRSTDAY

INTERVENOUS (adj.) of or pertaining to a transfusion that takes place at the last second. See also: PHLEGMBOTOMY

INUNDUNDANT (adj.) referring to a state of extreme oppression brought on through circumstances, non-received affections, et al.

IPSILOPHODONT (n.) small, thin reptile of the late Cretaceous; can also refer to any one-dimensional dinosaur.

IRASCIBLING (n.) brother or sister with whom the other shares an emotionally charged relationship, to put it politely.

ISOSCELITO (n.) the fabled Bermuda triangle of Northern California; a place where artistic endeavors go to lose relevance, obtain obscurity.


JAMBALIABILITY (n.) Cajun dish considered too hot to eat or even prepare.

JESTURE (n.) any motion or gesticulation meant to convey a silly or otherwise non-serious notion. See also: MANNERSCHISM

KALAMATAZOO (n.) olive species indigenous to Michigan.

LACHRYMOSA (n.) tear-based beverage imbibed during times of hardship, pain or depression. Occasionally flavored with fruit and/or cream.

LEGITIAN (n.) an individual with the inherent ability to add or lend credence to a particular item, notion, etc.

LEMON HARANGUE (n.) certain, usu. short-lived diatribe; the rail against whatever quantity of sour citrus fruit originally comes with the life.

LENTILLECTUAL (proper noun) the knowledge plenipotentiary of peanuts, lentils, and legumes in general.

LEPIDOPTOMETRIST (n.) eye doctor to moths and butterflies. Comp. LEPIDOPTHAMOLOGIST

LESSION (n) anything that "smarts"; refers to an instance of education that leaves an open wound as opposed to a simple and non-complicated learning opportunity.

LEVULAR (adj.) leveled, humanly speaking; pertains to spirit and soul only.

LHOTACISM (n.) the word for the action prior to said action upon the word.

LICHENTHROPE (n.) scrubby, gray-green growth that appears in the full moonlight and then disappears for the rest of the month. See also: WHEREWOLF

LIGNAMENT (n.) any of various wooden connective tissue.

LIKENESS MONSTER (n.) creature from our own depths; referred to and heard about but never actually seen.

LIQUIT (n.) a residue from any fluid, regardless of viscosity and poss. containing residual matter; the dregs</p>

LUNGUISITICS (n.) a branch of bronchiology that deals with the stressed fricatives of unvoiced speech.

MAGNANIMET (n. geol.) extremely rare; a magnet with two poles, both positive.

MAJOURNITY (n.) the adventure of gestation and parturition.

MALLZHEIMER'S (n.) a condition afflicting urban shopping centers. Symptoms include "jewelry" and "clothing" stores and nothing else.

MAMMOTHYST (n) extinct purple pachyderm; opaque and beveled, it lumbers through the month of February and stays for an extra day on occasion.

MANNERSCHISM (n.) in body language, a gesture or gesticulation that blatantly belies a shallowness or some such, under the surface.

MANUMITTENS (n.) gloves with a soft, usu. eiderdown interior and hard, metallic outer shell used in freeing slaves, captives, etc.

MARSHMALLOPATHY (n.) means of treating disease through use of marshmallows and nothing else.

MARZIPANTS (n.) fragile, edible outer garments made from sugar and that are molded to the wearer's lower half.

MATTROUS (adj.) of or pertaining to matter in all its forms.

MEA CUPPA (n. Chiefly Brit.) the acknowledgement and admission of having improperly prepared afternoon tea.

MEANDERTHAL (n., adj.) the apex of selfishness; char. by excruciating slowness and an all-around refusal to acculturate.

MEDIATATE (v.) to actively and beforehand ponder the means of conflict resolution and also any prognosis following said "mediatation".

MEDIOCHRE (n.) shade of yellowish-orange not living up to its full potential.

MEMEMBER (n.) smallest piece of that-which-fires-memory; nigh imperceptible response to any of various sense-triggers. See also: SYNASPSHOT, PEQUENEURO

MEMEMORY BOARD (n.) composite material cut in strips that through repeated use erases memories and thoughts in broad swaths/gestalts.

MENTORMITTENT (adj.) of, or pertaining to a counsellor's periodic interaction with a student, client, mentee, just enough to keep them going.

METRIDENTAL (adj.) also: metrodental; urban dentistry; pertaining to a branch of orthodontics servicing the homeless.

METALICUUH (n.) default utterance of any robot programmed on and built from thrashed metal.

MINNUENDO (n.) disparaging and disparaging comments spoken to Seven by Nine, prior to Nine's ingestion by Seven.

MINTILLATING (adj. trademark) genetically modified mint flavor; highly potent and unstable, legal in only five countries.

MOMNESTY (n.) the widescale and complete forgiveness offered and available for any female parent regardless of offense or long-standedness. See also: RETRIBLUTION

MONOTRIREME (n.) ancient, many-oared, egg-laying mammal; freshwater restricted, it is commonly seen during Greco-Roman wartime reenactments.

MONUMOMENTOUS (adj.) pertaining to the breakthrough or watershed moment that marks a seismic shift in one's life, season, outlook, etc.

MOOCHACHO (n.) friend or companion who takes more than they give from both the relationship and also the counterpart's pocketbook.

MORANGE (n.) similar in class to a TANGERUND; citrus fruit that causes the person eating to instinctively crave another. See also: NEXTARINE

MORIBUNDANT (adj.) the state immediately preceding resurrection.

MORNOLOGUE (n.) mental script read internally upon waking; content depends in on past and current circumstances; can be positive.

MOROCCASINS (n.) standard-issue footwear indigenous to Morocco.

MUNDANCE (n.) the quotidian, step-by-step grind in which most humans live, day in, day-out.

MUNIFICENSURE (v. n.) an act or instance of preventing, staying, or otherwise holding back a positive influence in favor of something better.

NAAND (n.)unleavened bread that miraculously attains (almost) to the body and height traditional bread and that tastes just as good.

NAGNET (n.) an attractive, if repulsive geological deposit whose poles are both polarizing.

NAUÇ (v.) [nosh] of uncertain deriv.; to eat food slowly and distractedly with the intent of causing a self-induced stomachache

NEURAPATHY (n. physiol.) a cardiovascular disorder in which carelessness is mistaken for carefreeness.

NEXTARINE (n.) the second and also any subsequent nectarine eaten after an initial; also applies to any stone fruit. See also: AMPERSANDWICH, CONNECTARINE


NONCOLOGIST (n.) physician specializing in suspiciously hard-to-define medical sciences. Can be confused: NONCEOLOGIST

NONION (n.) bulbous vegetable usu. used in salads and sandwiches that causes no emotional response in the person eating it.

NONONYMY (n.) the study of name removal.

NOSTRILDAMUS (n.) 16th century French astrologer; known for exceptionally large nose. Foretold events with such; abysmal accuracy. See also: PROGNOSETICATOR

NOVA SKOSH (n.) the incipient in a microcosm; the just-barely-enough of an indicator showing some new thing. See also: FASCINASCENT

OAFTERNOON (n.) the time following midday where a vague clumsiness sets in; clears up with the evening.

OBSOLEAST (adj. tech.) in manufacturing, pertaining to the product that receives the longest, most rigorous R&D before release, usu. final.

OBSTACKLE (n.) an object, block, thing, etc. which at first glance, looks to be impassable but at second glance is revealed to be necessary.

OCTAGONIST (n.) an individual who stirs up mischief and confusion, mild or otherwise, in keeping with the number eight.

OMNIMBUS (n.) for those sporting halos, the addition or acquisition of at least two more; usage includes the tendency to gadabout in tomes on said subject.

ONEIRIOS (n. trademark) a breakfast cereal that, with milk, allows the person eating to remember the dreams they dreamt the night before.

ONOMASTICATE (v.) to mull over or chew upon a person's name; to think deeply around and about all aspects of their human appellation.

ONOMATOPIA (n.) a place, locale, etc. where all sounds spoken or uttered are acoustically indentical to their written graphic representations.

OOPSILATERAL (adj.) of or pertaining to the opposite side, limb, appendage, etc. from which a medical procedure needs to be performed.

ORBITUARY (n.) the anti-horoscope; a written record of a star or planet's inherent characteristic's attenuation and as such, sign death.

ORCHESTRAITOR (n.) conductor of sorts that attempts to establish their own order and who in turn abandons the project arbitrarily.

ORONAUTICAL (adj.) pertaining to a deep-sea expedition in search of gold.

OROTUNDRA (n.) fabled field of white gold; land of a thousand timbrous sonations. Can be confused: OROTUNDA

OSTENCIL (n.) a key or shape for determining the boundaries of a desired product, whether figurative, literal, or divisive.

OURGLASS (n.) a small, usu. ornamental device with two glass chambers connected by a narrowed opening through which fine grain sand runs and that uses such to measure instances and interstices in the life of two or more people in propinquity. See also: YOURGLASS

PALIMPDROME (n.) in typography, the erasure of one line of text and subsequent replacement of the exact same, reversed. See also: BOUSTROFEDUP

PANCAKECREAS (n.) internal organ; secretes a syrupy hormone used in the breakdown of breakfast.

PANDOLIN (n.) heavily armored mammal, common to central Tennessee; curls into a ball when frightened and emits a high-pitched, discordant and metallic sound. See also: PANGOLION

PANENTHER (n.) ubiquitous, black-as-night jungle cat.

PANGOLION (n.) armored mammal whose stodgy exterior and fleshy interior bely an internal core of strength that supersedes both. See also: PANDOLIN

PANTICIPATION (n.) that feeling between briefs and slacks or trousers.

PARAFFINALIA (n.) any accoutrements used in the diffusing of light from candles; particulars include wax and paper and heat and light.

PARAMESEUM (n.) infinitesimal exhibition center; place where single-to-few-celled organisms are displayed publicly.

PARQUIETRY (n.) wood floor, inlaid with intarsia or other fine ornament; doesn’t squeak when stepped on and never will.

PARSEVERANCE (v.) the determination to succeed and overcome by analyzing each constituent part of an event or crisis that was intended to end or otherwise stop the person in question.

PARSHALL (v.) to both analyze and also dole out only that which is needed for each event or circumstance.

PARTNERD (n.) the individual closest to the one doing the "nerding out". May or may not be aware, but an emotional bond has been created and shared and that will remain a source of inside jokes, etc.

PENSIEVE (n.) a usu. mesh or otherwise porous receptacle in which one carries around worries, concerns, etc. and from which, vanishes; pleasant surprise. Antonyms: RESERVORE


PERIODIGAL (adj.) referring to a state of indecision, if ignorance, with reference to one's hometown, place of origin, etc.

PERITOENAIL (n.) thin keratin membrane between any of the phalanges and the thorax.

PERPENDICULOUS (adj.) referring to one line at a right angle to another but that shouldn't be for whatever reason. See also: APOSTULATE

PERSPICAPACITY (n.) commonly referred to as the "seventh sense", an inward ability to know truth from its opposite. Synonym: AUTHENTISENSE

PERUSIA (v.) the second time wandering through the stacks driven by that kernel of knowing telling you something's in there for you.

PHYLLOBITE (n.) a usu. small piece of pastry bitten off and discarded and that has calcified. See also: CONCHISE, TASTRY

PICODERM (n.) See also: ELFANT

PIEROGIRATIVE (n.) the right, inherent to any and everyone, to nosh, consume or otherwise ingest savory, stuffed, baked dough.

PIETASTER (n.) any individual who feigns a humble or pious exterior and who may or may not bely the actual inside opposite. piet(-y) + -aster

PILGRIMIMAGE (n.) briefest of fleeting glimpses seen when someone comes up to the surface during a long dark night of the soul/vision quest.

PITY CAT (n.) felis levis a highly domesticated breed of housecat. Unstable and ornery; caution is advised when rubbing its belly. See also: DOMESTICAT

PLATITUDIPUS (n.) rare member of the monotreme family; adept at saying just the right words at the right time; lays hollow eggs.

PLATYPAPYRUSPUS (n.) ancient monotreme responsible for teaching literacy to both mammals and also oviparous animals. See also: ECHIDNEY, MONOTRIREME

PLENIMPOTENT (adj.) having all the power needed to do any task at hand or whatever action necessary, yet still unable for whatever reason.

POEMMELO (n.) rare citrus fruit; replaced Calliope and Polyhymnia as cause of most types of poetry. See also: TANGERUND 

POINDEXTROSE (n.) nerd sugar; causes a spike in blood sugar resulting in increased productivity, cultural reference and pocket protector.

POLITEOSCOPE (n.) an ocular instrument that takes in all colors (rose, green, blue, etc.) through one lens and respectfully looks forward.

POMEGRANITE (n.) petrified pomegranate.

PORCOUPON (n.) a discount ticket or voucher whose only benefit is left embedded in the handler's flesh.

PORTUGOOSE (n.) national bird of Portugal.

PREPATHLON (n.) as a system, the series of forerunning events and actions required to compete.

PRETZELCOATL (n.) ancient Aztec deity; coiled into an untieable knot in the early sixteenth century and ceased to exist.

PROBABBLE (n.) useless and pointless talk surrounding potential futures and outcomes when no evidence, discernible or otherwise, exists. See also: FUTRUE

PROBLANO (n.) breed of pepper that grows and matures and then dies on the vine; known to start fires and volcanoes. See also: JAMBALIABILITY

PROGNOSETICATE (v.) to use one's olfactory apparatus to divine future events. See also: NOSTRILDAMUS

PROTEAN SHAKE (n.) chilled dairy dessert that goes through several permutations prior to reaching the table. See also: TUMALTUOUS

PSYCHEDELI (n.) a usu. small restaurant or eatery that features hallucinogenic ingredients in all their wares or products. See also: ANODINER

PTERODUCTILE (adj.) referring to any base metal from which any flying sauropod would be hammered out and molded; can refer to wings in gen.

PTEROTACTILE (n.) long-winged pterosaur with finger-like nodes on each of its two wing tips.

PURITYRANNICAL (adj.) denoting a breed of humility and moral probity that is ultimately detrimental and even vicious.

PYRAMIDDLE (n.) the center of a pyramid or pyramid-shaped structure.

PYROGLYPH (n.) archaic character or symbol burned into a surface.

QUADRIPLEDGE (n.) the vow undertaken by anyone paralyzed from the neck down—whether figuratively or literally—to eventually regain the use of their body.

QUAFFEE (n.) brewed coffee intended to be chugged whether hot or cold.


QUANTUM CRED SHIFT (n.) the point in social physics where a person's negative image, both perceived and carried, fades into the ether and they emerge something altogether fresh and new and exciting.

QUESAZILLA (n.) enormous pile of melted cheese and shredded chicken; the skyscrapers sometimes punch holes in the tortillas that sandwich it.

QUIXIDIOTIC (adj.) of or relating to a quest that doesn’t just go nowhere but that began under incorrect auspices or assumptions. See also: RIDICULYSSES

REDUNDERHEAD (n.) any person who endeavors to continually practice the same behavior or action under the same circumstances hoping for a different result or outcome.

REFERINSE (v.) to cleanse by way of study, any erstwhile or baseless "facts"; highly recommended in a "post information" age.

RELASHUN (n.) one-word paradox; a relationship where one or more of those involved expresses the opposite of what is needed to maintain it.

RELINQUISITION (n. Cap.) the watershed moment in an individual's life where they seek out areas, objects, affections they must give up.

REMIMISCE (adj) state of neglect as applied to the necessary, systematic and thoughtful rumination on the past. See also: QUONDAM VEILED THEORY

RENUNCIATE (v.) to verbally prove through precise dictation that one has indeed left off any old and impinging habits.

REPRIMANDMENT (n.) the act of both censuring as well as sending one to one's room, cell, etc.

REPRODEUCE (v.) to automatically make two copies for any original.

REPUL (v.) one word paradox; the indecisive thought-act between the repel and the repulsion.

RESERVORE (n.) not immediately apparent. A receptacle, capacity or focus through which a valuable commodity is placed and in which disappears.

RESPONSIBILIOUS (adj.) a hard and fast adherence to remain frustrated and upset and disgruntled; discipline in such.

RETORTOISE (n.) slow-moving, articulate and astonishingly adroit interlocutor/breed of turtle; don't engage, let it walk on by.

RETRIBLUTION (v.) the after-the-fact act of choosing to forgive and cover a slight or insult that was originally intended to offend.

RHUBURB (n.) the surrounding or outlying area in which rhubarb is cultivated, grown and harvested.

RIDICALLOUS (adj.) not so much ridiculous as a state of inability to care one way or another.

RIDICULYSSES (n.) main protagonist in his own Bildungsroman whose quest turns out to be a waste of time. See also: ABSURDYSSEY, QUIXIDIOTIC


ROAMANCE (n.) abstract action; feeling of love for the chase but not the prize.

ROBOTANY (n.) study of organic plant forms by inorganic humanoids or binary based beings.

ROCOCOA (n.) trad. dessert; usu. eaten after ARABARBEQUESQUE and consisting of asymmetrical, synthetic chocolate patterns.

ROMAUNTESSORI (n.) style of teaching based around free form and self-directed reading of dime store romance novels.

RUTABAGEL (n.) a starchy member of the mustard family char. by roundness and cream-cheesy filling.

SAGGITHAIRIEST (adj.) most hirsute sign-bearing adherent to astrology; hair count contingent to moon's position. See also: HAIRITAGE

SARDONYCX (n.) an state of mind and heart during which an individual's black intent is evidently belied under the white surface.

SASQUATCHEWAN (n.) Canadian province; from where Sasquatch hails.

SASSQUATCH (n.) cryptid akin to yeti and bigfoot; will generally pose for photos, one arm akimbo with the other wagging a finger. See also: SESQUIATCH

SCIENCIDE (n.) death by science.

SCIENTIEST (n., adj.) both the individual and also the action(s) from such that seek to maintain an ardent and unmoving means of looking at the world divorced from all superstition and religion.

SEARCHERY (n., v.) after the RELINQUISITION, the act of removing whatever was determined unfit to remain in light of whatever is coming next.

SEEKRET (n.) that piece of information or unknown object that may be hidden from view but that is actually drawing its discoverer(s) closer.

SEISMICOSMIC (adj.) internal workings of a celestial body that will, with time, affect anything and everything in its orbit.

SEMANTICORE (n.) creature of myth formed out of misplaced, depending on viewpoint, parts of speech and ideas.

SEMAPHOREST (n.) any large collection of flags or standards seen as a whole; more than a copse or a stand, each branch communicates an idea or thought.

SEMIOTTER (n.) the purest archetypical representation of the otter. Cannot get any more otter-like; i.e. superlative.

SEPTIFRUGAL (adj. bot.) the dehiscence and scattering of seeds in a manner more economical than liberal but that doesn't increase the harvest

SEQUINCE (n.) decorative fruit applied only in patterns.


SERENDIPLODOCUS (n.) the dinosaur who comes along at just the right time to bless you with an idea or a notion or simply peace of mind.

SERENDIPODY (n. pros.) in poetry, a meter that falls into place and that was unexpected in the writing but fits.

SESQUIATCH (n.) the one-and-a-half Bigfoot. Rare and unusually grotesque, it leaves anything it touches half-finished. See also: SASSQUATCH

SESQUIPEDAL (n.) smallest moving part in the machinery which operates one's vocabulary prowess.

SHENANAGAIN (n.) the joke that isn't funny anymore but that continues to be told, again and again. 

SLOQUACIOUS (adj.) given to garrulous prolixity at a rate or pace at which those listening can keep up, if lose interest.

SLUMBERJACK (n.) anyone adept at sawing logs.

SMATTERHORN (n.) mountain of minutiae from which a cascade of little-bits-of-nothing-much threaten to inundate in an avalanche of overwhelm.

SMELLEMENT (n.) smallest particulate piece of matter detected by the olfactory bulb.

SOCKROSANCT (adj.) referring to a layer of material outside the foot that in any and every case must remain as it always has, no darning allowed.

SOLIPSISTANCE (n.) any action that lends itself to the ultimate achievement of an extreme individuality.

SOLIPSISTER (n.) any acquaintance of the female persuasion who elects to be left alone.

SOLIPSPACE (n.) a small tear in the fabric of a person's world that is then used as a pocket for their inner space to expand.

SOPHISTICUFFS (n.) a type of boxing whose jabs are verbal, pointed, and literal.

SOSOYETY (n.) broad cultural base that has as its emblem—and that is laced and/or shot through with—the soybean.

SPECTATER (n.) rare breed of Russet; char. by an overabundance of eyes and aloofness. See also: SPUDSTANDER

SPONTIFICATION (n.) random elocutions on given, ad hoc subjects that have little-to-nothing to do with said subjects.

SPUDSTANDER (n.) like a couch potato but erect.

SQUARREL (n.) small yet pugilistic furry mammal; starts fights with highly developed forearms.

STACCADE (adj.,n.) referring to blinking with one's eyes open; the infinitesimal interstice between foci during which anything can happen

STARCRAVING (n.) a desire for fame born out of voyeurism that in the end separates one from reality; may in fact lead one to reality-based television programming.

STETHOSCOPIOUS (adj.) pertains to an outmoded procedure used by doctors whereby one thinks the more they listen, the louder the heart beats.

STIGMATO (n.) a rotten tomato (either lit. or fig.) that, when thrown, is hard to wash off; common in gray climes.

STIPPLECHASE (n.) the hunt for and acquisition of dots by horseback which are in turn collected and used to provide depth, shading and texture. 

STOCHASM (n.) overlooked minor detail through which an entire system of intricate statistics falls apart retroactively.

STOICHASTIC (adj.) a process for combining chemical elements as parts of a whole; the strident refusal to add anymore.

SUBPERB (adj.) adjective denoting a shared understanding that what seems to the masses to be superlative actually could have been done better.

SUBREPTILE (n.) a cold-blooded animal skilled at withholding and otherwise keeping back pertinent pieces of information.

SUPERSILLYUS (adj.) an ability to vertically alternate eyebrow position to achieve desired comedic effect.

SUPEERIOR (n.) any individual, friendly or otherwise, who acts as something more than their status-as-equal affords; one word paradox.

SUPERIMPOSER (n.) any individual who endeavors to physically position themselves atop another person.

SUPPERATE (v.) to dispense, through seeming artifice or other insalutary means, evening meals from one's person.

SURREPTISSUES (n.) fragile variation of facial tissue. Looks, for all intents and purposes, like you could blow your nose in it--don't.

SUSSERRECTION (n.) a quiet rising from the dead; preceded with little-to-no-fanfare, the formerly deceased goes about their business.

SWAVORY (adj.) sweet and/or savory; can be both, either, but not neither.

SYNAPSHOT (n.) the briefest of recordable, noticeable instances—humanly speaking. See also: MEMEMBER

SYNASTHLETE (n.) any individual astonishingly skilled at navigating with and living in their five-sensory cross-wiring.

TACITERN (n.) rare species of urban shorebird; will not run away if approached, keeps to itself but doesn't mind company.

TANGERUND (n.) citrus fruit whose act of eating figures into its essence. See also: POEMMELO, MORANGE

TASTRY (n.)  the first nibble–akin to a sip of wine–of any baked good that is generally spit out in favor of the rest. See also: CONCHISE, PHYLLOBITE

TATTEREDALL (n.) colorful, tartan-esque patterned shirt whose day in the sun has come and gone, leaving it threadbare, faded, and valuable.

TAUGHTOLOGY (n.) the needless inculcation of facts, figures and inherently forgettable information that is no different from the previous year.

TEMERATURE (n.) a timid cooling towards what once was viewed with enthusiasm and verve.

TERMINIMAL (adj.) referring to an end, albeit one that is quickly forgotten as the horizon is approached and then crested.

TERPSIKOREAN (adj.) of or pertaining to the national dance of Korea.

TESTIMONLY (n.) an individual's mission statement; laconic soundbyte or press-release sized description encompassing all the speaker's life.

THEORETICULE (n.) something to focus on but not really.

TINITIS (n.) inflammation of that which was intended to remain small or hidden; one-word paradox.

TINTINNADULATION (n.) the sound of bells ringing, though done purely for reasons related to angels receiving their wings, victory, etc.

TOOTHPASTA (n.) a type of toothpaste formulated to clean one's teeth after partaking of Italian food and that doesn't affect the aftertaste.

TRANSCENT (n.) the perfect smell; a point in olfactory chemistry where subjective aromatic pleasantness cannot be apexed.

TRANSLITTERADDED (adj.) referring to text added during the process of transcribing; revisionist in nature, allowed under rare circumstances.

TRENDMILL (n.) the neverending and perpetual system of distractions, non-essentials and inventions that would keep us running in place.

TRIUNGULATE (v.) to track any hoofed mammal, not by identifying its footprints, but by triangulating its position using any number of methods.

TRUTHBRARY (n.) building in which works of nonfiction are borrowed and returned under publicly-funded auspices.

TUMALTUOUS (adj.) referring to a journey undertaken by any blended, cream-based dairy dessert from kitchen to table that barely reaches its destination.

UBIQUID (n.) akin to phlogiston; the amniotic fluid of existence. Seventeenth state of matter.

UMBIBLICAL (n., adj.) invisible tether to one's own fideistic way of life or worldview. 

UMBRIDGE (n.) the place beneath which one allows others to safely walk over them while they in turn hide in safety.

UNDERLION (n.) the underdog; core of strength, however small, from which one launches out on impossible endeavors.

UTOPIARY (n.) method/discipline in plant-grooming in which desired shapes take on infinite aestheticism and unreally expected statuesque-ness.

VACUUMULATE (v., adj.) one word paradox; to acquire more and more void; also applies to the activity of a black hole.

VASCILINE (n.) ointment that swings both ways and isn't sure one way or the other.

VELAUSTENRAPTOR (n.) carnivorous dinosaur alive during the Late Cretaceous period that was universally acknowledged as the forerunner in reptilian literature. See also: BRONTESAURUS, COMPSAGANATHUS

VERBILLION (n.) shade of red (more of a blinding his) that’s unendurable on this plane due to its deep infrared saturation. See also: ARVERT

VERDICAL (adj.) pertaining to upward growth, extending even latitudinally north, of greenery, plant-life and flora in general.


VERNACCURACY (n.) an ability on the part of the speaker to alter speaking style, including accent and vocabulary, in order to blend in.

VEXILLILLOLOGY (n.) the study of flags and heraldry done incorrectly.

VIKARAOKE (n.) the singing of songs by one person in replacement for another who in turn wasn't the original recording artist either. 

VOCIFEROCIOUS (adj.) referring to any thing whose "bark" is worse than its "bite".

WHEEALITY (n.) a state of perpetual excitement and childlikeness that sees the state of things and continues to remain blissfully ignorant. See also: POLITE-O-SCOPE

WHEELDERNESS (n.) a cycle of neverending boredom and stagnation.

WINTERMITTENT (adj.) used to describe the Winter season when it is at its most spotty and undecided.

WITISCISSORS (n.) cutting implement brandished during bouts of SOPHISTICUFFS.

XYLOCLONE (n.) archaic wooden machine used in music recording and playback.

YAWNDER (n.) that place, the one right there beyond the horizon, that you don't really feel like traversing towards for whatever reason.

YOURELIN (n.) the conductive substance that coats brain cells—your brain cells—and enables anyone and everyone but myself to fire creatively. Comp: myelin

YOURGLASS (n.) akin to OURGLASS; functions in a similar manner but pertains to an individual only.

ZIGZAGGERATE (v.) tendency to embellish a statement, argument or point, first from one perspective, then the other.