⎮Absolute Value⎮

A Shame

Abcissio Infiniti

Absolute Love>Absolute Knowledge


Add Infinitum


Adumbrate part 2 Frames of Reference

The Agency


All Around the Word

All Around the Word part 2 Core Samples

All Around the Word part 3 Operating Instructions

All Around the Word part 4 Yes I Ken

All Clear

All Is Calm, All Is Bright

All There Is to It

All Well and Good

Always In the Last Place You Look


An Aperitif for the Hereafter

An Immovable Feast

An Issue of Blood


Any Last Words

Arable Parable

As You Were

At a Loss For Words

At Any Rate

At Ease

At One Remove

At the Conversion Table

At the Intersection of Mercy and Truth

Attention to Detail

Attention to Detail part 2 Powers That Be

Attention to Detail part 3 Persons of Interest

Available Light

Avant la Lettre

Awkward Silences part 1

Awkward Silences part 2 Speak Now

Awkward Silences part 3 Forever Hold Your Peace

Baking Bread, Breaking Bread

Be Advised

Be Still and Know

Because It’s Been Long Enough

Before We Go Any Further


Being Nothing



Bending Without Breaking

The Benefit of Friendship

Beside Ourselves

Best Foot Forward

The Best Offense

A Better Way to Wait

A Better Way to Wait part 2 Till the Light Reaches You

Biting Down

Black, White and God

Black, White and Red

A Blanket Statement

The Bleeding Edge

Blood In the Water

Boiling Point

Boughs Breaking

Breaking and Entering

Breeding Contempt

Burning Up In the Atmosphere

Business In the Streets

But Not the Heart

Bywords and Cautionary Tales



Catching 22


Caveat Emptor

Ceiling Limited

The Center Cannot Hold

Ceteris Paribus part 1 Staring Into the Sun

Ceteris Paribus part 2 See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak

Ceteris Paribus part 3 To Its Logical Conclusion

Challenging One to a Dual

Chapter and Verse part 1 How Readest Thou?

Chapter and Verse part 2 Back In the Stacks

Chapter and Verse part 3 The Emphatic

Chapter and Verse part 4 Held Back

Chapter and Verse part 5 Hot Air

Chapter and Verse part 6 Cool Breezes

Chapter and Verse part 7 Above the Fold

Charitable Words

Checks and Balances

Childish Things part 1 Countering Opposition

Childish Things part 2 The Ring of Truth

Childish Things part 3 Tummy Aches

Childish Things part 4 The Fountain of Youth

Childish Things part 5 First Words

Childish Things part 6 I Cannot Be Serious

Childish Things part 7 Agelast

Chivalry Is Not Dead

Christian Heuristics

The Christian’s Horizon of Expectations

A City of Refuge

City of the Blind

Claiming a Little Sanctuary


Clean Breaks

Clicking and Clashing

Cloaking Devices

Cloaking Devices part 2 Suiting Ourselves

The Cloud of Knowing


Cold, Comfort


Commanding Presence

A Commensurate Response

Comparison Stopping

Comparison Stopping part 2 What It’s Like

Con Anima

Concatenating Correctly

Concatenating Correctly part 2 Something or Other

Confidence Game

Confusing the Issue

Conscience Bound Flight

Consider the Flowers

Covering All Our Bases

A Creative License Suspension

Cresting the Cusp

Cri de coeur

Cross Purposes

Crossed Swords

Crossing the Chasm of Sarcasm

Crowns, Thorns

Cultivating Authenticity

Curriculum Vitae


Dad’s Eulogy

Dark Ages part 1 Unattractive Truths

Dark Ages part 2 Dark Filters

Darkening the Door

David’s Bildungsroman part 1

David’s Bildungsroman part 2

David’s Bildungsroman part 3

David’s Bildungsroman part 4

Day Labor

De novo

De trop

Dead Letters



Destroying Souls

Detritus From a Divorce



Diminishing Returns

Disabusing Our Illusions


Do as I Say and as I Do

Do as I Say and as I Do part 2 Bridging the Gap

Doing the Work

Doing Well, Doing Good

Doleful Creatures

Don’t Touch!

Double Negatives

Double Standards

Dovetails and Segues

Drop Forged

Eavesdropping In Heaven


Eidos City of the Blind part 2


Emphasis Mine



Ending In Why

Engines of Vengeance

Enter Hope, All Ye Who Are Abandoned Here!

The Entropy of Enthusiasm

Entry Level





Especially Unto Them Who Are of the Household of Faith


Event Horizon

Ever Learning/Never Learning

Every Good Thing

Every Man For Himself

Every Type, Every Stripe

Everything Is Symbolic part 1 Seismicosmic

Everything Is Symbolic part 2 Mattrous

Everything Is Symbolic part 3 Stochasm

Everything Is Symbolic part 4 Randomonium

Everything Is Symbolic part 5 Apophoenix

Everything Is Symbolic part 6 Happendix

Everything Is Symbolic part 7 Levular

Everything With Nothing part 1

Everything With Nothing part 2

Everything Within Our Power

Exchanging One’s Mind



Eyes and Ears

Facile Princeps

Facing Our Accusers part 1 Schema

Facing Our Accusers part 2 Aureate

Falling In the Forest

Falling, In Love

Fancy, That

Far Be It From Me

Far From the Madness of Crowds

Farm Implements part 1 Farming Out Patience

Farm Implements part 2 Fields of Dreams

Farm Implements part 3 Selling the Farm, Then Buying It

A Few Deep Breaths

Figures of Speech Introduction

Figures of Speech part 1 A Holy Hendiadys

Figures of Speech part 2 Re Arrangement

Figures of Speech part 3 Polarization

Figures of Speech part 4 Denouement

Figures of Speech part 5 Thinking Twice

Figures of Speech part 6 Isaac by Hagar

Figures of Speech part 7 The Same Page

Fill ‘Er Up part 1 Sitting On Empty

Fill ‘Er Up part 2 A Slow Leak

Filling the Shoes, Fulfilling the Shoes

Finishing Touches

First Impressions

Following Function and Form

Following Too Closely

For God’s Sake Only part 1

For God’s Sake Only part 2 Mock Up

For Lack of a Better Word

For Simplicity’s Sake

For the Birds part 1 The Kindness of Ravens

For the Birds part 2 On a Lark

For the Birds part 3 The Tortoise and the Dove

For the Birds part 4 Killing Two Birds

For the Birds part 5 Covert Operations

For the Birds part 6 Canaries and Stool Pigeons

For the Birds part 7 The Early Bird

For the Obduration

For This Cause part 1 You Are Here

For This Cause part 2 Forming Up

For This Cause part 3 No Greater Cause

For This Cause part 4 The Head of the Class

For Whom Christ Died

Foreign Wars

The Forest For the Leaves

Forming One Line

A Forthcoming Relocation

Found In Translation

Found Objects

Four Word Progress part 1

Four Word Progress part 2 Time’s Signature

Four Word Progress part 3 Ten Times Fast

Four Word Progress part 4 Same Differences

Four Word Progress part 5 For You, A Little Alliteration

Four Word Progress part 6 A Tip For You

Four Word Progress part 7 Attractive Opposites

From Concentrate


Frowned Upon

Fruits of the Spirit Introduction

Fruits of the Spirit part 1 Love: Defined Indefinitely

Fruits of the Spirit part 2 Joy>Happiness

Fruits of the Spirit part 3 The Peace—and the Rest

Fruits of the Spirit part 4 Patience: So Much More Than a Virtue

Fruits of the Spirit part 5 The In-hare-ent Gentleness of the Holy Spirit

Fruits of the Spirit part 6 My Goodness!

Fruits of the Spirit part 7 Faith: Two Varieties of the Same Fruit

Fruits of the Spirit part 8 Meekness: Reviled With a Smile

Fruits of the Spirit part 9 Selfless Self-Control

Fruits of the Spirit part 10 Epilogue: For You, An Abundant Harvest

Fulcrums part 1

The Full Complement

Full Coverage

Full Justification

Full Justification part 2 Skywriting

Funeral Order

A Gamboge Gestalt

Garden Varieties

Gazing Back at the Abyss

Gender Neutral

Gender Neutral part 2 Scheduled Maintenance

Gens du monde part 1 A Likeness

Gens du monde part 2 An Overlook

The Genuine Article

Getting Over Ourselves

Getting Warmer

Ghost Writer

Giving Blood

Giving Ourselves Away

Going Dark part 1 Pregnant Pause

Going Dark part 2 Buddy System

Good For Nothing

A Good Name

The Good Conspiracy Theory

Grace Notes

The Gray of Regret

Greater Than and/or Equal Too

Grist and Catalyst

The Ground Floor

Handling the Introduction

Hapax Legomenon part 1 Semiotics For Mere Mortals

Hapax Legomenon part 2 Syncretism Deconstructed

Hapax Legomenon part 3 The Enunciation

Hapax Legomenon part 4 The Body of This Death

Hapax Legomenon part 5 Ovine, Hircine, Divine

Hapax Legomenon part 6 Split Infinities

Hapax Legomenon part 7 Uphill Both Ways

Hard Words

Hats Off, Gloves Off

Have We Met the Enemy?

Have Yourself a Very Little Christmas

Having Given It All Away

Having Mercy, Giving Mercy

Head in the Clouds

Hearts and Stars

Heavy Water

Hello There

Helping Our Feelings


Higher Highs/Lower Lows part 1 To What Depths?

Higher Highs/Lower Lows part 2 Getting Right Down To It

Higher Highs/Lower Lows part 3 The Heights, The Depths

Higher Math part 1

Holding Court

Holding Our Peace When Words Fail Us

Holding Water

Holdings part 1 Hold, Please

Holdings part 2 Holding On/Holding Out

The Hollow

Hollow Phrases

Home and Away

Hope Deferred

Hopeful Monsters

Horary, Hortatory


How to Know part 1 Knowing All the Words

How to Know part 2 In Motion/At Rest

How to Know part 3 Held In Abeyance

How to Know part 4 Knowing It By Heart

How to Know part 5 Knowing Our Audience

How to Know part 6 Knowing What We Don’t Know

How We Look

The Human Element of Surprise