I Am Not Making This Up

I’m Decent

If Everyone Would Be So Kind

If You Have It, You Need To Give It: Thanks

Imminent Domain part 1 Sign Language

Imminent Domain part 2 Calling It Like We See It

Imminent Domain part 3 Saying a Few Words

Imminent Domain part 4 Under God’s Shadow

Imminent Domain part 5 Error Messages

Imminent Domain part 6 Prophet and Loss

Imminent Domain part 7 Prediction Engine

Imperially Imperiled

Implored to Explore

An Infinite Closed Loop--Omnipotence

In Good Standing

In Sincerity

In Situ

In Tents

In the Balance

In the Beginning

In the Machinery

In the Smoke

Indigenous Indigence

Inside Track

Into Consideration

Intra Muros




The Inverse Proves Truth

Ipsissima Verba

Irreducible Complex part 1 Traveling Light

Irreducible Complex part 2 All Encompassing

Irreducible Complex part 3 Tools of the Trade

Irreducible Complex part 4 All the Time In the World

Irreducible Complex part 5 The World Within the World


It Takes All Kinds

Jettisoning Subreption


Judged By Sunlight

Judgment Days part 1 The Evil Thereof

Judgment Days part 2 Roadblocked

Judgment Days part 3 Sunstruck

Judgment Days part 4 Sunset

Jumping to Conclusions

Jus Soli

Keeping the Peace


Killing the Messenger

Known and Unknown

Landmark Study

Landmark Study part 2 Points Taken

Landmark Study part 3 All Mountains to the Sea

The Language Singularity


The Law of Mass Action

The Law Unto Ourselves

Leading the Blind

Leaping For Joy

Lehem Panim

Lessons In Coalescence

Lessons In Incalescence


The Life

Life and/or Death

Lifting the Vale

Lionizing Jesus

Live In Concert

Living the Dreams part 1

Living the Dreams part 2 The Ground Floor

Living the Dreams part 3

Logic Is People

Losing Our Illusions

Love and/or Blindness

Love’s Overlexicalization part 1

Love’s Overlexicalization part 2 Making the Heart Grow Fonder

Low-Hanging Fruit


The Main Course (An Extended Metaphor)

Making An Appearance

Making An Entrance

Making Fun

Making It Happen

Making It Look Easy

Making It Rain

Making Light

Making Ourselves At Home

The Malice of Four Thoughts part 1

The Malice of Four Thoughts part 2

Manicheanism Is Unnecessary!


Maybe We Can Be the Vision of a Prophet Man’s Dream

Metonymy and Synecdoche In the Sanctuary

The Middle Distance part 1

The Middle Distance part 2 Making the Cut

Minds Made Up

Mispocha part 1 Bimetallism

Mispocha part 2 A Direct Line

Mispocha part 3 Severance Package

A Moment’s Notice

More Excellent Ways Introduction

More Excellent Ways Level 1

More Excellent Ways Level 2

More Excellent Ways Level 3

More Excellent Ways Level 4

A More Perfect Union

A Most Vehement Flame

Mot Juste

Moving Experiences

Multiplied By Itself part 1

Multiplied By Itself part 2 The Center Cannot Hold

My Gospel

My Heart is Fixed part 1

My Oneiric Development—and Yours

Myrmidons and Acolytes

Natant, Supernatant

National Resurrection

A Need to Know Basis

Neither Confirming Nor Denying

Nervous Systems

Next Best part 1

Next Best part 2 Transfer of Power

Next Day Air part 1

Next Day Air part 2 Look and Look Again

Next Day Air part 3 Direct To You

Next Day Air part 4 Part and Parcel

Next to Godliness

No Difference

No Man (Or Woman) is an Island

Noised Abroad

Nothing Old Can Stay

Nothing Personal part 1

Nothing Personal part 2 Divestiture

Nothing to Fear But…

Nothingness for the Philosophaster

Noxiam Sarcire

Object Lessons

Oenologic, Rhyolitic

Official Transcript

The Old Guard

Old/New part 1 Something Old, Something New

Old/New part 2 Something Borrowed, Something True Blue

Old Wounds Telling


On God’s Dime

On the House

One Can Only Hope

One In a Million

One Stone Upon Another

One Thought at a Time

Open Heart

Open to Interpretation part 1

Open to Interpretation part 2 A Word Is Worth a Thousand Words

Open to Interpretation part 3 Quantity and Quality

Open to Interpretation part 4 A Spiritual Entelechy

Open to Interpretation part 5 Body's In Motion and at Rest

Order Out of Chaos

Orders of Magnitude


The Other Side of the Coin

Our Capacity For Pertinacity

Our Constituents

Our Heart’s Content

Our Response-ability

Out of Our Element

Out of Our Misery

Out on a Limn

Out of the Depths

Owning Our Worst Enemy

Paradigms and/or Paradoxes

A Parallax Refraction

Pari passu

Parietal Party

Part One

Part Two

Partial Deferential

Parts Per Million 1 The End From the Beginning

Parts Per Million 1.5 Standing the Heat, Staying in the Kitchen

Parts Per Million 2 Loud and Clear

Parts Per Million 2.5 Living on the Limicoline

Pas de deux



Pattern Recognition

Payment in Kindness

Pear Shaped!


Perfect Form

Personal Effects


Phantom Limbs

Phantom Pain

Picking Our Fights, Choosing Our Battles


Playing Dead

Political Theater of War


Praying Hard

Present Tense


Prison Life part 1 Life Sentences

Prison Life part 2 Death Sentences

A Process of Illumination


Proverbs 3:5-6 part 1 The Center of Gravity

Proverbs 3:5-6 part 2 Whose Understanding?

Proverbs 3:5-6 part 3 Ways and Means

Proverbs 3:5-6 part 4 Walking in the Spirit

Putting Salt in the Wound

Putting the Fun in Funambulism

Putting the Fun in Fungible


The Quondam Quandary 1

The Quondam Quandary 2

Re:Noun part 1 Recondite

Re:Noun part 2 Recrudescence

Re:Noun part 3 Recusing Ourselves

Re:Noun part 4 Redaction

Re:Noun part 5 Reification

Re:Noun part 6 Remandment

Re:Noun part 7 Retrenchment



Refresher Course

Relief part 1 Afterimage

Relief part 2 Till

Relief part 3 Construct

Relief part 4 City and Citadel

Remembering Our Lines

Reserving the Right

Resistance Training

Rest Assurance

Resting Our Case

Revel in the Details


The Rock That God Could Not Pick Up

Room at the Inn

Room to Let

The Royal We

Rules For Making Eye Contact