A Creative License Suspension

Let's shed some light on 'The Muse'. As you may know, the ancient Greeks anthropomorphized the flow of their creativity. The myth has it that there were nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne (memory) and each one was identified as the muse over various disciplines such as writing, poetry and singing. Did they construct this idea so they wouldn't be culpable if they couldn't muster up the genius needed to produce said creative arts? Sort of like shifting blame to an unseen entity. I don't think this is entirely implausible and I do think there's more to it.

Nowadays, the muse is still seen as a positive thing. Maybe not a literal being with a name, but many writers and artists still see their ideas and inspiration as coming from an outside source and not just from within themselves. "Where do they get this stuff?" Neil Peart, when he sat down to pen the lyrics to Moving Pictures, one of the greatest Rock albums of all time, felt he was cheating because everything came so effortlessly to him.

As we desire to please God, we know that our creative vision comes from Him as well as the gifts and talents needed to see the vision become a tangible reality. This is why purity of heart and mind (James 4:7-8) is vitally important. This is so amazing to me: the writer/artist/musician has the means within to take an invisible idea—like a light in their heart—and turn it into something that every one else can see and partake of. Just make sure it's edifying and inspiring in turn.

When I realize that I have a gift (Proverbs 17:8) that can be affected by an outside source, whether corporeal (human) or spiritual, it causes me to take a step back on the inside and reevaluate my creativity in light of God's will. God is the most creative individual in existence, so in no way should I be concerned about being held back or stifled (Isaiah 55:9). What I should be concerned about, however, is that the gifts I've been given are put to the use for which they were intended. (See Matthew 25)

Inspiration can come from many sources. Make sure you develop your senses (Hebrews 5:14) along with your gifts so you know where you're getting your ideas from.

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