Hello there.

See that over there? A dust mite floating through a shaft of sunlight. Perhaps it's a bright yellow car passing by your window (or windshield—should you be reading this while driving?). Maybe it's that dove that's been cooing for the past two or three minutes while perched on that utility pole but you're just now noticing it. It's God speaking to you. He's calling your name. Listen... And now that He has your attention, say with Samuel "Speak, Lord. Thy servant heareth" (1 Samuel ch. 3)

Granted, God's been speaking from time immemorial. Through His Creation (read Psalm 19), through His prophets and through His Son (see Hebrews 1:1-2) and through His Spirit all the time. Have you listened to any of it? Better yet, have you responded? What does He have to do to get your attention? Don't ignore Him. Ask Him what He wants to tell you. Be polite.

Have a conversation with the one who made you. Don't worry, He speaks your language, whatever that may be.

Chivalry Is Not Dead