Sacred Oceans

"They reel to and fro, and stagger like a drunken man, and are at their wits' end. Then they cry unto the Lord in their trouble, and He bringeth them out of their distresses." (Psalm 107:27-28)

Aimless and nameless

I've found in the relatively few number of days in which the Lord has allowed me to encounter my share of confusion and estrangement, the summation in a word. Whether that word came as a literal word or as a string of words in a legible sentence, it came. It came just the same. Be it a turn of phrase in a song's lyric or a verse that came back to my mind via the Holy Spirit. God is faithful to distill the days and also the lesson inherent to the season in a sound bite.

"Then they cry unto the Lord in their trouble, and He bringeth them out of their distresses. He maketh the storm a calm, so that the waves thereof are still. Then they are glad because they be quiet; so He bringeth them to their desired haven." (107:29-30)

Plaintiff and claimant

Even if it's only the other side of the ocean you're crossing. Whatever it is you want from God through your season of trial, He'll do it. When Jesus told the disciples "Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name" (John 16:24), it's almost as if He's letting them know that the time had come to call in favors. Not that God owes us anything He hasn't already promised (think about it), but maybe you get the idea. The payment for remaining true to Elijah was twice as much anointing to affect God's will. All Elisha had to do was literally keep his eyes on his mentor as ridiculously distracting events sought to tear them away (see 2 Kings 2).

"That the Lord may continue His word which He spake concerning me..." (1 Kings 2:3a)

I like words. I love words. I scour my dictionaries when I have time and any I don't know (there are lots), I try and remember. One will occasionally stand out even as it fills a crucial piece in my soul. Like, this is something meant for me to know and use. Words like ebullient and aubergine and ekphrasis. All point to untouched depths to my being. Watery places from which God--prior to my finding them--hadn't called forth dry land. These words swam around in my mind and heart and solidified (thixotropy--its opposite). And now I don't feel those voids.

Take heart. Whatever you need God to do for you, He'll do it. Even if you don't understand why you do or don't do the things you should or need, take heart. And take God at His word.

"Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on Him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." (John 8:31-32)


Zero, Some