Shelley's Story

I approached the imposing wall to shelve some new graphic novels and noticed an out-of-place Star Wars book. Thinking to myself as I put down what I was holding that I'd real quick take a moment and organize the shelf before I added any new product, I decided to walk the title one aisle over and shelve it correctly. This is part of my thought process--where I follow through on a thought that feels, feels important. Let me back up a bit. Case in point:

Shelley's grandson mentioned to her earlier that day how he wanted a few books. A couple Big Nate titles and also a Star Wars title. He Googled the ones the night prior and wouldn't stop bugging his Nana. And being the doting grandmother she is, she elected to go to the bookstore where I work to find them. I had mere moments before found the third title on her list and chose to shelve it correctly as she and Tim had spent the time it took in front of the Star Wars shelf to almost give up looking for it. "Is that the one?" Asked Tim. It was.


The colors you're comfortable in

Re-Winding Myself