The colors you're comfortable in

"It took me a while to find mine". I was wearing my orange North Face windbreaker. The model with the charcoal gray shoulders. Its orange more of a rusty reddish color but at first glance, it's "orange". I also told her I had a pair of orange pants I rarely wear. "I'd never wear 'em together". Nervous laughter. Let me back up a bit. I had walked into Starbucks and standing at the end of the line, I heard the door again open behind me. The glass pastry case to my front did little to reveal the person stepping in so I turned around and immediately noticed her jacket. A beautiful shade of Dandelion yellow. She leaned on her cane and I turned back toward the barrista. Still a few people shy of the head of the line, I continued to wait in silence. The line moved, I ordered my americano and took a seat on the stool by the window. The woman behind me had since ordered and shuffled across the floor by the bar. As my drink was called, I stepped up and told her in passing that I liked her jacket. She immediately demurred with a reference to not wanting to advertise for the Ducks. Told me she was from Corvallis and pointed to my orange.  I understood. A week earlier, I had declined to wear my yellow tie while I worked on Easter. It would have looked great with my green seersucker shirt but I felt it too dressy--in spite of the fact that I was celebrating. So I wore a yellow t-shirt instead. And thank God because I, too, would've been pegged a Ducks fan in spite of not caring about either team, either way. I only know this fact because someone brought it to my attention. So I steered our conversation back around to color. Told her I was a huge fan of the first half of the spectrum. She answered with a word of wisdom: "It takes a long time to find the colors you're comfortable in."


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